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"My how the time has flown..."        

I know I keep saying this, but...my page is under construction. I've added more writing and directing to my repertoire and I want to reflect that on my page. So, that being said, look for massive changes in the site soon!

Feb. 2018 - Mar. 2018: I just finished a great run at The Playwright's Realm of Don Nguyen's "Hello From the Children of Planet Earth". It was my first off-Broadway show and I loved it!

COPE Name Tag


 I have to admit, it was pretty cool!




Mar. 2018 - I had a great part in a new feature film, "All The Little Things We Kill" as Mrs. Gobetz.

Mrs. Gobetz



You are looking at the bad ass scar and lovely white highlights they gave me.






May 2018 - I just recorded a radio commercial for Aussie Hair Care. Many thanks to my reps Atlas Talent Agency!

- I have my own Youtube page! I've been writing and it is where I will be putting up the work I produce: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjCS7kr4u4H0PXsJO6jIDxA/feed

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Commercial Representation: Atlas Talent Agency - 212.730.4500

I'm currently seeking legit representation.